Sushi Disguised as Something Else!

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Sushi is looking different these days. I’ve noticed new types recently, like…


A pop-up shop in Los Angeles called Norigami makes them!! 


via Foodiggity

These hybrid tacos are so popular that the shop’s owner is looking to make it a brick-and-mortar shop!

There’s also KIT-KAT SUSHI! Ginza, a specialty shop in Tokyo that sells the chocolate bars, created Kit-Kat sushi for their grand opening! There are three flavors: Maguro (raspberry-flavored Kit-Kats on puffed rice), Uni (Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese-flavored Kit-Kats wrapped in seaweed), and Tamago (pumpkin pudding-flavored and wrapped with seaweed)…


Read this story if you want to know why Kit-Kat is so wildly popular in Japan! 

via Foodiggity and That’s Nerdalicious! Lastly, there are SUSHI DONUTS!!

Sushi-Donuts via Incredible Things

Instagrammer sobeautifullyreal is behind them. Don’t worry, no actual donuts are involved in the making of these. The “donut” is really white rice molded into a circle. 

Would you try any of these sushi creations?!

  • This is a delightful blog in honor of this beloved Asian dishes of sushi! Love it Paul here’s to a day of kit kats & taco sushi❤

  • Joseph Mark Pierce II

    I think I would actually try. I love Kit Kat’s. I ate some Pepsi favored ones a few weeks ago from South Korea.

  • Amanda Dushan

    Since I love Kit-Kats and I have been listening to music from Japan for the last year or so, I think I may give those Kit-Kat sushis a try!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    What a great blog Pee Wee! Love the taco looking one. Actually had sushi tonight!;)