Dot, the First Braille Smartwatch!!

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This is so cool! This is Dot, the world’s first smartwatch for blind and visually impaired people!!


Four moving braille characters display messages at a time on the watch’s face. 

A few years ago, Dot’s founder and CEO Eric Kim saw a blind classmate “hauling large, bulky books during his studies at the University of Washington” while everyone else was using a digital tablet. He realized that there’s a technology gap for visually-impaired people and started developing this special watch. 

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Watch this:


After three years of “repeated start and stops” in development, the watch is now shipping to its 140K pre-order customers! Including Stevie Wonder!

  • Amazing, Pee Wee! Thanks!

  • Helen Gircko

    Absolutely wonderful and ingenious thing. Everyone has the right to know what time is it now….and do not spend for it more time than by one touch require. I admire this development. Thanks!

  • As a visually impaired person, I see this great invention as marvelous! Years ago as a student at the lighthouse for the blind (of Miami and broward counties- Miami ft lauderdale areas of Florida) I was taught to read Braille, and now with the greatest in technology this invention puts us at speed and is portable on the go.. genius indeed. Thank you Paul in sharing this great blog! Have a wonderful day. ?

  • Amanda Dushan

    This is a wonderful invention! I remember one of my classmates had get their text books in braille.