Check It Out! These Libraries Lend Out More Than Books!!

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We can all agree that libraries are awesome but some are more awesome than others because they lend out more than books!

At the Public Library in Albuquerque, New Mexico, they lend out CAKE PANS!!


image via flannelpancakes, (Other libraries let you borrow cake pans too!)

With your library card, you can take out one cake pan every three weeks. Be sure to clean it up real good after you’re done because if you return a pan dirty, you will be charged a $2 damaged item fee. Take a look here at some of the cakes people have made with these borrowed pans! 


image via Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library

Now, if you’re an adult resident of Berkeley, California, you can borrow TOOLS from the Tool Lending Library! From awls to tablesaws, they’ve got it all! The most requested items? Weed eaters, extension cords, hedge trimmers, demolition hammers and electric snakes!


P.S. There are lots of Tool Libraries, see if there is one in your area.

At the Arlington Public Library in Virginia, there is an American Girl Doll lending program!!


You can borrow one of the dolls for up to seven days at a time. Each one comes with her corresponding book which tells her story about growing up in America. Before returning one of the girls, be sure to describe her time with you in her journal:

American Girl Doll library journal

Need to brush up on your Theremini or electric guitar skills? If you’re in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you’re in luck! At their library, you can borrow a wide variety of musical instruments and tools!


How cool is THAT?!

Besides books, does your library lend out anything cool??


  • Draculasaurus

    My librarian told me that if I was just there to check out bundts, I shouldn’t be so obvious about it.
    Any way what is an electric snake? You made that up Pee-wee! Quit messing with me.

  • Helen Gircko

    This is a very nice idea. Subscribe to the absolutely necessary things (books are still on this list?)
    There are books that can be re-read several times, and probably there are tools that. Another thing, if someone wants to use for work again and again. (It seems to me that in this case, better to buy them ). Another thing, if something needed all of a sudden. Unfortunately our libraries still did not think about it…

  • This is a wonderful blog Paul. At the libraries I go to ( Pasco county library and New port Richey library) both have in addition to their selection of books they also have films on DVD & Audiobooks on cd & cassette they also have music cds.. have a great day! ?

  • Amanda Dushan

    My library has DVDS and audiobooks. However, checking out cake pans and instruments sounds absolutely amazing!

  • WisCO

    My library has state park passes that you can check out for the week. Some you can reserve and some are on a first come first serve basis. Let’s you go check out the few state parks around us without paying for a year pass to see if you want one.

  • Benighted

    Nope, they’re real! They’re for clearing out drains and blocked pipes.

  • Heather

    I love these! Though the link to the cakes people made specifically- the pumpkins -looked like they had turds on top of them instead of the top vine of pumpkin, lol!
    I actually have that Darth Vader pan!!
    This is a great idea all these different library lending other items than books/audio.
    The American Girls doll one with the journal of their time with whom ever checked them out is super cute and adorable. What a lovely idea.
    Perhaps if more libraries embrace these kinds of practices more people will start using libraries again!