It’s International Waffle Day!!

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Grab the butter and syrup, because today is INTERNATIONAL WAFFLE DAY!!

Put on your best sneakers…

Waffle sneakers

Pour the batter in a hot iron…

Soon, you’ll have fresh hot rocking waffles!


The Keyboard waffle maker is now available for $65.


Happy International Waffle Day!!

5 Responses to “It’s International Waffle Day!!”

  1. laura valentina

    This is beautiful blog Paul in tribute to a very special culinary inspiration.. waffles. Yesterday evening me & Rolf ? went out to breakfast with our dear friend that has cancer, we had pancakes & I cherish these times spent with her because life’s too short.. I’m blessed & value our friendship. Hope you have a wonderful day & weekend Paul!

  2. Helen Gircko

    Waffles is a wonderful thing. It’s much more wonderful if there are a lot of waffles. And it was absolutely wonderful if waffles could came and fall on my plate… by themselves. Happy International Waffle Day, Pee-wee!

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