A Guy is Making Tiny Hats For a TOAD That Visits Him!!

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What do you do if a toad keeps visiting your porch night after night? Well, if you’re Chris Newsome of Alabama, you make it little tiny hats to wear!!

According to BuzzFeed, he started making the hats because he wanted to cheer up a friend’s son who had lost his own toad (are pet toads a thing in Alabama?!). “I decided to enter the world of toad millinery and help the little guy out,” Newsome wrote on Imgur.

Anyway, say hello to the dapper Mr. Toad!


Mr. Toad takes all this hat-wearing business in stride. 

Mr Toad getting a hat

A monocle and a pink feather makes the foam chapeau even more fancy pants!


The toad kept coming back night after night, so Newsome kept making new hats, including this cowboy getup…


And this purple monogrammed cap!


via The Dodo

Newsome can now add “World-famous Haberdasher to Amphibians” to his resume!

Since he first posted the hats a few weeks ago, these tiny toad hats have been seen and loved by millions of people around the world!! 

He’s even made a new hat for Mr. Toad, an Aussie bush hat with a skull and crossbones band…


If you want to find out if there will be any new hats in the Mr. Toad collection, follow @ToadHatGuy on Twitter!



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  • Robert Raymond Britz

    What a wonderful post Pee Wee!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Congratulations on your new job!!;)

  • Helen Gircko

    I want to be that toad! How else to get such wonderful hats for free ?!
    I admire this idea. And I think Mr. Toad understands what’s going on … he has a sense of style!

  • Thank you Robert! I’m looking forward to this new chapter (professionally & in my life) have a great day.

  • Amanda Dushan

    Those hats are really cute!
    Newsome is a kind and talented person.
    I’ll be checking out his Twitter, soon enough!

  • Robert Raymond Britz


  • Jesse Robinson

    This totally kicks ass lol LOVE YOU, MAN!! <3 ^_^ <3