3 Responses to “Watch the Big Apple LIVE!!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    Apple gave Newton the principle of universal gravitation. This apple – a really big apple – probably prompts the principle of universal attraction to your film, Pee-wee? (This is not a joke, it’s just a law of physics … or the law of the psyche … or the law of art)
    Happy April Fools’Day, Pee-wee! .. Jokes – this is a very serious thing today …

  2. laura valentina

    Paul, This is a beautiful tribute to your epic film PWBH as well as earthCam regarding the big Apple NYC love it ❤ happy Saturday!

  3. Robert Raymond Britz

    Your a silly Billy Pee Wee! Or maybe more accurate. A silly Pee Wee!. Happy April Fools day!;)

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