Check Out This Custom-Made Retro Lawnmower!

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I don’t know about where you’re at but, where I’m at, the lawns are lush and green from all of winter’s rain showers. 

What a great time to be a landscaper! Of course, if you are more of a DIY kind of person, you gotta check this out…

A custom-made retro-styled push lawnmower!!


Look! It even has bullet-shaped tail lights like a vintage car!

This little beauty was lovingly created by user Jeep2003, who shared it on the OldMiniBikes forum.

Also, check this out, it’s MINIATURE! On the left is a regular-sized push mower…


via The Daily Dot

Imagine the envy of everyone in your neighborhood if you were cutting grass with THIS! 

  • Helen Gircko

    “Envy” is the keyword in this case. And you are very lucky, if to say about lawns, Pee-wee. I will not even to tell you in detail how look the lawns where I am. (suffice it to say that snow and ice are still here). Therefore, my love for this thing will remain platonic for a long time. But it is truly Perfect Thing(with a capital letter). These outlines drive me crazy, ah, ah, ah …
    Thank you for the wonderful post, envy phagedenic my soul.

  • Deborah Cassidy MacPhail

    There should be a whole line of these!

  • William Gould

    Sweet! The only change I would suggest is to add headlights, to go along with the tail lights and “hood” ornament.

  • Chuck Webster

    I would buy one for sure !! Well depending on price lol

  • Fabulous blog Paul! As a lover of all that’s Retro, this is a wonderful tribute to all things of this nature. Have a great day! ?

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    That lawnmower is a “cut above” the rest Pee Wee! Thanks for the post!;)

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  • Amanda Dushan

    That looks awesome! I wish I had that when I was cutting grass for my dad.

  • Where I am everything is still frozen and snowy so it’ll be a while before we bring out our lawn mowers but that is the coolest one I’ve ever seen!