Today is International Louie Louie Day!!

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It’s International Louie Louie Day !! 

Louie Louie

The song “Louie Louie” was written by Richard Berry in 1955, who performed it with The Pharaoh’s. In 1963, the Kingsmen’s version became a big HIT!! 

LouieLouie by the Kingsmen album

How can YOU celebrate this special day?! LET me HELP YOU!

WELL….You could request that your local radio station play “Louie Louie”…


Then you should definitely listen to Motorhead’s version:

And Iggy Pop’s version!

Don’t forget to LEARN the LYRICS!!!

Maybe you’ve MISHEARD the lyrics as this guy did:

Here’s some of its ROCK n’ ROLL history, straight from the Kingsmen’s website:!!

“Louie Louie” is such a cult favorite it is considered by some to be the “party anthem of the universe.” In fact, at one point there was a campaign to make it the state song for the State of Washington. It is used as background and theme music for a variety of television shows, motion pictures and advertising campaigns. It was recently voted one of the greatest songs of the century by the Grammy Hall of Fame panel and is considered by VH-1 to be the 11th best rock and roll song ever recorded.

LISTEN to the different VERSIONS:

BY Richard Berry and The Pharaoh’s !!!!

BY The Kingsmen !!!!

BY The University of Washington Husky Marching Band !!!!



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  • Helen Gircko

    Oh, just thank you so much, Pee-wee! This is almost a music library dedicated to one song … and it’s absolutely grandiosely! Only a real masterpiece can be interpreted indefinitely … and this is an unconditional masterpiece. Thanks again!

  • Beautiful Blog Paul, thank you for bringing a smile to my face, I love music of all kinds this song brings me fond memories of when I was younger. Wishing you a fun day of this classic Tune! And warm hugs, ❤️

  • Amanda Dushan

    I grew up listening to this song. I have an uncle name Louie.
    So, years ago, I’d visit my aunt and uncle, for the summer. Then when I had to go back home, for school, my aunt told me if I ever missed them just listen to “Louie Louie”.