Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!!

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Bread, butter, and cheese… all grilled to golden brown perfection! This is why we celebrate Grilled Cheese Day!!

If you love GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES, you’re going to want this special ribbon belt that depicts the great comfort food combo of Grilled Cheeses and Tomato Soup!


Made by KnotClothing, available for $49!
Happy Grilled Cheese Day!!

  • FAB(ulous) blog Paul! I made my own version of this fantastic culinary Art, as a Vegan, I had a variety of Vegan Cheeses such as Pepper Jack, cheddar, Swiss & mozzarella.. the Vegan brands of these cheeses are Field Roast (Chao brand) & Go Veggie. Instead of the usual bread or toast rather for this sandwich I made mine with flour Wraps, I know it’s different however as an Abstract Artist I tend to create new ways to make this grilled cheese. So I did. The result was indescribable in words as I enjoyed this very much so! Ok that’s my experience of this Fine sandwich Paul, I hope you have a day filled with your favorite version of this American delight! ❤️

  • Helen Gircko

    Well, today I will not even mention salted cucumbers. I sincerely love grilled cheese sandwiches. This can be eat all day long, especially if use your instructions for cooking it, Pee-wee … (it’s always been one of my favorite episode of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”. Don’t ask “WHY?”, I don’t know.) Anyway, the grilled cheese sandwiches are the only thing I can cook.
    The belt is also marvelously good: sandwiches and soup outside …and sandwiches and soup inside. This is brilliant! Thanks!

  • Robert Raymond Britz
  • Dear Paul,

    I take this moment to say Good morning i couldn’t sleep.. just am thankful to have wonderful family & friends in my life. Sometimes I cry at night thinking about those whom are homeless or without food.. I’m grateful to have my apt a roof over my head my guide dog ? Rolf with me 24/7 I know I’m not alone.. I wish for you, & all else who read this, that during the holidays to be thankful in this life for what you have. Because some don’t have family others may be in shelters or the street.. I’m grateful to be Alive.. to my family & friends in my life you know who you are.. I ❤️ you with all my heart!

    -Laura & Rolf ?