Photographer Captures the Secret Life of Squirrels!!

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High school counselor Nancy Rose of Bedford, Nova Scotia has an unusual hobby… she photographs the “secret life” of SQUIRRELS!!

She waits for the little backyard critters to engage with the squirrel-sized props she’s constructed before capturing them with her camera. The results are great! LOOK!



She says, “People still think the squirrels are Photoshopped into the scenes…



The way their little paws are kind of wrapped around something is pretty much impossible to Photoshop…



or the way they’re standing against something or behind something. They’re just funny poses.”

Secret-life-of-squirrels-kitchen Secret-life-of-squirrels-tea

Nancy already has published three “Secret Life of Squirrels” books and a fourth is planned.

  • Helen Gircko

    The main secret of life of squirrels is that they behave like people … I always suspected it. Wonderful, lovely, inventive decor and amazing, magical pictures. And the squirrels, it seems, are happy too.
    A big thanks to Nancy for a nice introduction to the authentic life of squirrels. Thank you, Pee-wee!

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Great post Pee Wee! Even if it was a little “squirrelly” ha!;)

  • Fab(ulous)! ❤️

  • Amanda Dushan

    This is a cute blog. I love the picture of them at the ice cream stand.