Today is TAX DAY!!

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It’s April 18th, do you know what that means?!


Are you getting a refund this year?
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Or will you owe the government $$?

Maybe you’ve asked for an extension… or maybe you’re STILL WORKING ON YOUR TAXES RIGHT. NOW. 

Whatever it is, I wish you the best!!

(Look on the bright side, normally Tax Day is April 15th. This year we get a few extra days to get our paperwork turned in!)

3 Responses to “Today is TAX DAY!!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    “Taxpayer” – this sounds proudly, but this sound is not cheap … I really hope that additional days were useful to someone…. In addition, it’s very gladly… that we do not yet have to pay taxes on shade, as in Venice, or taxes on bicycles, as in Russia in 1913 …

  2. laura valentina

    Dear Paul,
    I understand that during Tax season, that things & life can be harried hurried & rushed.. I share with you my thoughts regarding this:

    When we take the time to slow down, live in the moment, we enjoy life so much more!
    -Laura Valentina

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