The RokBlok, A Spinning Portable Record Player!!

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For RECORD STORE DAY, I present to you… the RokBlok!! It’s a portable WIRELESS record player that you put on top of a vinyl record…


And it spins right ’round (like a record, baby!) to play music!! It has built-in speakers and, if you want bigger sound, it connects to other speakers!

It’s lightweight (like 3 oz.) so it won’t hurt your vintage record collection, or your modern one for that matter!


The RokBlok is made by Pink Donut and is available for-order for $89.

Happy Record Store Day, All!! Get thee to a record store!

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  • Helen Gircko

    Wow! What a delightful thing it is! Especially if compared it with a monstrous device, which resemble a plastic suitcase – I say about my current turntable for vinyl. Thank you, Pee-wee! It’s worth to buy because… it’s just impossible not to buy! Wow!
    Yes, and of course, a happy Record Store Day, Pee-wee!

  • Fabulous Fabulous blog Paul! You’ve made my day more special with this vintage tribute Record store day. As a lover of music ? I believe that there is gorgeous energy within music, because say for example you’ve had not so good of a day, you then listen to music and as a result feel better your day is more wonderful & your mood is elevated, as is your energy fields chakras and vibes raised to a higher level frequency, of beautiful energy..and that’s the power of music. Have a fabulous day Paul. ❤️

  • Robert Raymond Britz

    Happy Record store day Pee Wee! Reminds me of my first favorite record as a kid, Purple Rain, and also my favorite artist that is being remembered right now. Prince!;)

  • Amanda Dushan

    This is such a wonderful blog, Paul! This took me back to my childhood where I would listen to my dad’s vinyl collection. He was a huge opera/classical music fan.
    Have a wonderful day!

  • I missed Record Store Day; but, love this posting and blog; Thank you!

  • Logan Riley

    The only thing better about reading this awesome post about my RokBlok is the fact that it was written by my childhood hero. I love you Pee-wee!!

  • Fredriksen

    The sound quality is excellent. I purchased it on 5 May 2018. The best thing I’ve ever bought.

  • Euard Cord

    It is very nice quality and fully meets my expectations.

  • Heather Howard

    I don’t have words to express my happiness. I am enjoying all my collections of records now after 15 years. Simply superb. Wow……..

  • davidwalter46

    .Serves the purpose. You can listen to all your vinyl at a very affordable price.