How to Make the World’s Smallest Cup of Coffee!! Uses Just One Bean!!

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This is what you make when you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, a tiny boost to get you through the day… the world’s smallest cup of coffee!

Paulig, a Finnish coffee roaster, hired animator and director Lucas Zanotto to create this wee cup o’ joe as an ad.

How do you make the world’s smallest (?) cup of coffee? Well, you first find a single coffee bean…


and grind it with a nail file…


Then, carefully put those grinds into the paper cone.


Now it’s time to heat up your water, over a tea light NATURALLY!


Pour your hot water over the grinds and let it drip…


Then it’s time to pour your freshly-dripped coffee into a teeny-tiny mug… as so…


Well, just watch for yourself!

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