Summertime Funner Time!

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Time to start thinking about summertime fun time!

I’ll help! How fun would this four-person surrey bike be?


Available for $2300 

Or this shiny red ice cream push cart?

ice cream push cart

Make your ice cream cart dreams come true for $2100

Need some fruit and soda in the pool? Then you need the inflatable ice serving bar!



Better yet, how about an inflatable pool eagle?


$49.95 and worth every red cent!

Ok, lastly… here’s something to make summertime more funnertime… a GIANT GUITAR POOL FLOAT!


Wow! $39.95


  • Helen Gircko

    Summer fun turns into a tidy sum … if to buy it all at once. Need sell all winter accessories to buy things for summer. The swimming-eagle is especially good, and the guitar is pretty cool. Thank you! We have not have a full summer yet, but the high waters are in full swing (after melting snow). So everything will come in handy!

  • Amanda Dushan

    That Surrey bike reminded me of the time that I was camping with my mother and her friend. (No, there wasn’t a Surrey bike, but my mom had a 10-speed with a child seat on the back). Anyway, My mom had decided to take a bike ride on some of the trails. So, she strapped in the child seat, I was 5 when this happened, and off we went. It was fun! Then, after we got done, I tried to get on the bike, to pedal it, only to fall off.