• Dear Paul,
    I share with you, my thoughts in honor of Mothers Day!

    Dear Mom:
    This is for you, from me. I thought of you when I saw these beautiful Lavender daisies they remind me of your unconditional ❤️ devotion to me in my life. I ❤️you forever!

    Love your daughter
    Laura & guide Rolf ?

    P.S. Paul I wish your mother a wonderful Moms day filled with all the ❤️ in this world.
    I wish all whom are Mothers & their mothers a fabulous Moms day as well. And for those mothers who’ve passed away please know they are smiling upon you.


  • For Mother’s Day today I went to comicon with my daughter and husband. There was a guy cosplaying as you. I would LOVE if you started doing conventions someday. You’re the celebrity I’d most like to meet of anyone.

    For my mother this year I filled a notebook with memories I have of her. One was “you finding Pee Wee’s playhouse for me on the tv on Saturday mornings”.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  • Helen Gircko

    The soul of the mother and the soul of the child often have a common pattern and color … Dresses are only an illustration of this harmony. Magnificent pictures! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and children!