Happy Straw Hat Day!!

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Happy Straw Hat Day!! It is officially OK to pull your straw hats out of storage and wear them all summer long! 

To celebrate I’ve chosen a bunch of fun ones to show you…

LIKE, this vintage straw hat that has SUNGLASSES BUILT IN! Wow, cool!


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If you LOVE this hat as much as I do, go check out MORE of them HERE!

A family who wears straw hats together, stays together!!


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Spread the word!

In 1931, an American inventor made a straw hat with a built-in radio!!


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  • Helen Gircko

    A delightful exhibition. Particularly interesting is the similarity of these hats and the bird nests. One of my familiar hen managed to create at six eggs in such a hat….and the fact of the loss of the hat was discovered very later. Thanks for the links, I adore hats with sunglasses, but even more I adore the boater. Why this does not return into fashion again ?!

  • Amanda Dushan

    I believe my uncle has a straw hat, somewhere.
    I love the straw hat with the radio attached to it.