Man Bowl, the DOG Bowl For MEN!

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I’m not making this up… there is a DOG BOWL for MEN!! It’s called the Man Bowl.

This “masculine” ceramic dish is great for serving cereal… 



Or spaghetti!



Even the font is “manly”…



It’s a real thing and it’s available for $21.41. (Can you serve quiche in it?)

3 Responses to “Man Bowl, the DOG Bowl For MEN!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    Ah, it’s diabolically good, Pee-wee. Now dogs and men have absolutely equal rights. To eat from a bowl is very cool, and now man have no reasons for envy the dogs (now women and children will be envy). Thank you, Pee-wee, a refined idea!

  2. laura valentina

    Paul, this blog is too funny. You’ve made my day at work today of Endless Giggles ? Thank you! Have a wonderful evening. ❤️?

  3. Amanda Dushan

    If my uncle ended up buying the man bowl, i can picture my dog trying to eat out of it.

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