Today we honor and remember our fallen soldiers. #RememberTheFallen

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Honor and remember our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day. #RememberTheFallen

Memorial Day

What is the real meaning of Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a solemn day of remembrance for everyone who has died serving in the American armed forces. The holiday, originally known as Decoration Day, started after the Civil War to honor the Union and Confederate dead.

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Thank you. We remember you and we are grateful to you.

  • Christopher Stanley

    War is a waste of human life. Still it’s only right to honour those who gave their all for our freedom and what little rights we have left. This world could be a paradise IF we did not waste our resources on war. Especially the human kind. Lies and propaganda have been used to start wars. Those who fought them are great Americans. Drill Sargent’s have trained these fallen hero’s. We can’t bring them back, So honouring them is the next best thing.

    Hi high back. We will always remember Pee-Wee. You’re a great American for doing this. Thanks Paul.

  • Dear Paul,

    I take this moment of silence to remember these great soldiers who fought for our country USA ?? may their families be surrounded by comfort & love ❤️ I send them healing energy & peace of mind knowing that even though these amazing soldiers have passed away, may those whom loved them family friends know that their spirit is whole & happy again & lives on for eternity.

    Paul, I share with you The latest in my Art..

    I title this:

    The Bow-Tie Ate PWH Face

    My thoughts on this are as follows:

    I’ve seen many PWH inspired Art, they all were bright & colorful

    What I did in this particular Masterpiece, I made this the complete opposite, of what I saw in others Art.. because well.. I just did..

    Since I’m an Abstract Artist, all my paintings are well.. abstract,

    my original brainstorm for this was a scene from the classic Stephen King film, IT..

    This scene & you, Paul are my inspiration for my Art.. I put PWH in a Stephen Kings IT fashion.

    In my painting, I didn’t put any features for PWH face because, his bow tie ate his face. It’s a dark rainy day & he is greeted by a skeleton who gives him a balloon.. the Skelton is radioactive glowing green that turns PWH radioactive..

    Laura Valentina

  • Helen Gircko

    Eternal memory and gratitude to the fallen.

  • Amanda Dushan

    I will never forget them. I’m grateful to them.