World’s Largest Fidget Spinner COSTUME!! It really works!!

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You know those little fidget spinners that every kid on the planet seems to have in their hand?

Well, Rob Cockerham of Sacramento, California has made a functional fidget spinner COSTUME!! I kid you not. It really spins!! He made it to wear to a Comic Con!

This is what he says about it:

I loved it! It looked great, was unmistakable and shockingly huge, spun like a champ and was light enough to carry around all day!

via Boing Boing

  • Helen Gircko

    The best costume of this year, of course! Probably, this giant spinner helped many participants of Comic Con to concentrate attention… well, those, who did not feel dizzy.
    Thank you for sharing, Pee-wee, it’s giant idea.