Summertime Yummytime: Donuts filled with ICE CREAM!!

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Los Angeles’ B Sweet Dessert Bar has put ICE CREAM inside of donuts! This sweet creation is called the “Halo.” This is its story:

Sweet B’s Barb Batiste, is a Filipina chef whose father passed away five years ago. He and Barb had a very special relationship; there’s a chair marked for him in the restaurant, and Barb has fond memories of getting Thrifty’s ice cream with him every other day as a child. His name was Angel, and after he died, Barb decided to honor him by combining his two favorite desserts: doughnuts and ice cream. The circle reminded Barb of a halo hanging above Angel’s head after his passing; hence, the halo dessert was born.

The glazed donuts are first cut open, then a scoop of ice cream is added. Lastly, the donut is sealed together with a special press. Yum!

Want to try one? Head to 2005 Sawtelle Blvd. in Los Angeles, California. You get to choose your own ice cream flavor! 

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6 Responses to “Summertime Yummytime: Donuts filled with ICE CREAM!!”

  1. Helen Gircko

    A delightful combination… And the history of creation give to this especially delicate taste … perhaps it is really the taste of a halo. Thank you, Pee-wеe!

  2. Amanda Dushan

    That sounds like a yummy desert. Something that I think my aunt will go for.

  3. laura valentina

    Dear Paul
    Thank you for making my evening tonight more beautiful! As I work days. I know I’ve been busy at the office at work, I just wanted to take the time, say this blog is wonderful! ❤️ I hope you have a fabulous evening.

  4. Spandex_Ballet

    Oh my gawd those things look absolutely delicious and decadent. I also remember getting an ice cream cone almost every other day at the fountain at Thrifty’s in La Habra when I was in elementary school. If I remember correctly they were super cheap and they always had at least a dozen different flavors available. It was like ice cream heaven. Those were some great times.

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