Pepperoni pizza…sneakers!!

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These one-of-a-kind pepperoni pizza sneakers look almost good enough to eat!!

They were designed by Jen Mussari for Adidas and Refinery29’s BOOST the Nation campaign. The campaign asked female artists to use UltraBoost X sneakers as a canvas to represent each American state. These pizza shoes represent New Jersey! They then auctioned off all the sneakers for charity. (If only we could buy a pair at the store!!)

You can see all the sneakers in the campaign here.

via Foodiggity

  • Helen Gircko

    Naturally, pizza is your choice, Pee-wee. But other models are beautiful too. As for the opportunity to eat it … well, if it were shoes made of genuine leather …and hunger will be very strong… and big saucepan will be nearby, then…
    Thank you, this is a delicious topic!

  • Dear Paul,
    This is a very Rad blog indeed! Thank you for making my few days off from work more Wonderful. You’ve made me smile. Here’s to a Friday & weekend of lots of tranquility, enjoying a few days to myself after a crazy work week.. hope you have a beautiful day & weekend Paul. ❤️