This library uses a tiny ‘car wash’ to clean books! There’s no water, of course!

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Check out this video from the Boston Public Library! They have a cute little machine that dusts books. It looks like a tiny car wash! Of course, there’s no water…!

The library reports that it doesn’t use the book cleaning machine on rare books because they are too fragile. They also note, “We use the machine when we add books to our Archives Center or when materials from the stacks are requested for use or are being digitized.”

Learn about all the different “Library Book Vacuum Systems” over at Library Journal.

  • Helen Gircko

    Very cool! I think that during this operation the books feel fine, especially if they are not afraid tickling. Thanks for the priceless information, Pee-wee! Now I know what to do with the personal library, where no one vacuum cleaner can’t withstand the nervous tension.