This new audio-animatronic Mr. Lincoln has the craziest facial expressions!!

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There’s a new audio-animatronic Mr. Lincoln and his facial expressions are incredible!!

This lifelike bust of Abe is the creation of Garner Holt Productions, who make animatronic figures for theme parks and other places!

Garner Holt, the company’s founder and president, writes on MiceChat,

This is a figure we’ve been developing — the one at our open house is actually the “phase II” version of the concept — and the reaction was absolutely stunning (it was overwhelmingly positive at Comic-Con, too, where we showed a short video clip of the head in development). The Lincoln bust is part of GHP’s Expressive Head Project, where we’ve endeavored to add realistic facial expression to animatronics in order to add an extra dimension of lifelike movement (a subtle way of saying, “We crammed more than 40 unique motions into this animatronic head!”)


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