A 100-year-old FRUITCAKE was found in Antarctica… ‘(almost) edible’!!

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No joke, a 100-year-old fruitcake was discovered by conservators of the Antarctic Heritage Trust from an expedition hut:

Made by Huntley & Palmers, the fruit cake is still wrapped in paper and encased in the remains of a tin-plated iron alloy tin.

The cake probably dates to the Cape Adare-based Northern Party of Scott’s Terra Nova expedition (1910 – 1913) as it has been documented that Scott took this particular brand of cake with him at that time.

Although the tin was in poor condition, the cake itself looked and smelt (almost) edible.

Almost edible?! Aren’t ALL fruitcakes ALMOST edible?!

You know what’s worse than fruitcake? 100-year-OLD fruitcake!!


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  • Helen Gircko

    Well, probably they took it to Antarctica because the other food would not be able to survive there. In general, the end of civilization does not come, as long as there are fruitcakes.
    Post-apocalyptic picture – the fruitcakes covered with a layer of sand (or snow)….Br-r-r….
    Thank you!

  • Hello Paul,
    This blog is very wonderful, as it reminds me of your Christmas special of your show playhouse, which I love .. I’ve have that on the 2 DVD special edition 5 seasons of your show playhouse may I say it is the most amazing transformation on DVD that I have, from when I first saw it on television when I was younger, when your show debut in 1986.. ? I give it 5 ⭐️.. thank you for making my few days off from work truly beautiful! I wish you a day & weekend of Zen & tranquility. ❤️

  • Amanda Dushan

    Paul, just like you, I hate fruitcake.
    Now, if there are people who like it, that’s fine by me.
    When I was younger, I saw that someone had brought some fruitcake to some type of party that I attended. I thought. I love cake, and I love different fruits. Maybe I’ll like fruitcake. . .NOPE!