It’s your birthday, Virgo!!

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So, Vir-go on with your bad self!

Here are some SPECIAL VIRGOS to celebrate with…!

Stephen King!




Tim Burton!


Paul Reubens!!


And YOU!!


Happy Birthday, Virgo!


  • Helen Gircko

    Yes, this is a great time … We can celebrate almost without interruption. Happy Birthday, Virgo! I wish you all inspiration and success!
    I hope, Mr. Herman, you plan congratulate Mr. Reubens personaly… It’s very soon …

  • Dear Paul,
    a wonderful blog indeed in celebration of all who are Virgos,myself included. Thank you for making my day and week fantastic because of 2 things, because of technical issues at work was told to clock out early, and I’ve the rest of the week off, and tommorrow Thursday August 24 is my Birthday. I take this time, Paul, to say to you, Happy Early Birthday may it be filled with love from all you adore! May all your dreams be a reality!

  • We are horoscope buddies!!!! YAY!