Pretend you’re royalty with these fancy crown headphones!!

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Check out these fancy headphones with attached CROWNS!!

They’re called Lit Headphones and they come in all kinds of colors and a couple different styles…

and there’s more at the Lit website.

Each one is custom made by tech artist Lisa Campbell who uses your head measurement to create the perfect fit for you!

Fancy crown headphones don’t come cheap though! Each pair is $499.99!!


  • Helen Gircko

    This is monstrous and beautiful! Probably you were happy to find this thing, Pee-wee: the crown, headphones and “jewels” – a best set. Although, we must admit that the crown is much better combined with headphones than with a scepter and the ball … Thanks, Pee-wee, it’s so dreadful and cute that I do not even regret money …

  • Amanda Dushan

    When I was 12, I think, I pretended I was a princess. Of course back then, I didn’t listen to music on my headphones, like I do now.
    Those pictures are enchanting to look at.

  • 能让人来访的乐此不疲,这里就是有那么大的魅力!

  • Ev B

    LOL cute but 499? gtho!