What is the flavor inside these Mystery Oreos?!

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Nabisco wants you to guess the flavor of their new Mystery Oreo creme and if you guess correctly, you get a shot at winning $50,000! 

The internet seems to think it’s something artificially fruity, like Fruity Pebbles or Froot Loops.

Have you tried these cookies yet? What do you think they taste like? Are they any good?

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  • Helen Gircko

    It seems that manufacturers themselves do not know what flavor it is (and they’re trying to find out about this in this way) Curiosity is the engine of marketing…
    But the idea is not bad, thank you, Pee-wee!

  • Amanda Dushan

    I haven’t tried them. But I heard that some of my friends like them. So, I may try them.

  • Erik Ulloa

    I love Orioles

  • GregR

    I never see any new flavor OREOs at Pavilions. They only have the regular flavors. Is the lack of color any indication of the flavor? Maybe coconut? bacon grease? buttermilk ranch? furniture polish?

  • Levi Zurcher

    They taste like fruit loops and are disgusting. My wife and I both ate a single cookie and burped up the flavor for the rest of the night… threw the rest of the cookies in the trash.

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