These stickers make electric outlets look like surprised animals!!

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We can all see the surprised faces in our home electrical outlets but Zachary of Etsy shop ElectricStickerCo went one step further. He made stickers so the faces look like surprised animals! Take a LOOK!!

Here’s a deer

and a fox

and an owl… and up above is a black cat!

All of them (and more!) are available for $3.57 each at ElectricStickerCo!

OBVIOUSLY, don’t use these in a house with young children !!

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  • Helen Gircko

    Very nice. I think this will appeal to the plugs of electrical appliances ….if they will not very surprised… Thanks, Pee-wee!

  • These stickers are adorable Paul! Very artistic indeed. May you have a beautiful Zen day today. You’ve made my day today wonderful as tomorrow (Monday morning) is the beginning of my work week.. thank you Paul, as your blogs always brighten up my day. ❤️