Ferry McFerryface is the new name of a ferry in Australia!!

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First there was the British research vessel named Boaty McBoatface. Then there was the racehorse, Horsey McHorseface. Earlier this year an express train in Sweden was given the name, Trainy McTrainface.

Well, NOW there will be a new ferry in Sydney, Australia’s harbor with the crowdsourced name of Ferry McFerryface!!

The government agency behind the ferry, Transport for NSW, writes on Facebook that it’s “Not a joke.”

I, for one, approve of this naming system!

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  • Amanda Dushan

    I, too, approve of the name system. Yeah, it’s hilarious, but I still approve. Thanks for the laughs, Paul.

  • Helen Gircko

    Is it a system or a fashion? However, in any case it is not bad – the object having such a cool name acquires an individuality … and relatives. Thank you for info, Pee-wее!

  • A beautiful blog Paul! I just wanted to take the time as I’m on break at work and say thank you for making this time wonderful. Even though I work until 8 tonight, I share with you my happiness because effective tomorrow I’m off work until Monday November 27, work gave an extra week off because of the holidays. So I’ve 2 weeks off of work YAY! ? Well Paul have a great day! ❤️