Prank your pals with these empty fake product boxes!

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Holiday gift giving is going to be a blast this year with these Prank Packs!

On the outside, they look like crazy products but inside, there’s NOTHING! Really!!

Seriously, these will make the holidays more fun! You can put your REAL gift inside the box! Each one is available for $7.99.

WAIT… there’s more!

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  • Helen Gircko

    Well, inside, of course, NOTHING, but in any case we will give as a gift a box and a crazy idea. (They are – ideas and boxes, – sometimes needed). Thank you, Pee-wee! Pass, please, an air kiss to the creators of this product … It’s almost NOTHING.

  • Too hilarious and funny to see the expression on their faces as they think it’s a wacky gift you got them for the holidays.. this is wonderful blog Paul! Have a beautiful day! ❤️

  • Amanda Dushan

    That would be one funny prank to pull on your friends/love ones, come this Holiday season!
    Speaking of collars that can help you understand your pet better, My aunt bought something like that for one her dogs.

  • anderson67

    OMG thanks for this post!!!!