A tiny bed for your KITCHEN SPONGE!!

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Isn’t this the BEST?! It’s a tiny plastic bed WITH attached pillows for your KITCHEN SPONGE! Night night, little guy!

Get one for every sponge, steel wool pad, and pan scrubber in the house and open a little bed and breakfast for sponges!

This sponge bed is called Clean Dreams and is made by OTOTO Design. Get one (or more!!) for $13.95 apiece.

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  • Helen Gircko

    Well, sponges also need rest and comfort …. especially after the holidays. A very nice idea. I’ll buy several at once and I’ll read fairy tales for them at night … or sing lullabies. Thank you, Pee-wee, I even shed tears of emotion.

  • This is a wonderful invention, Paul! Now the sponges can get their beauty sleep ? Have a great day! ❤️