There’s a Hipster Nativity Set!!

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A few years back, I shared some alternative nativity scenes I thought were creative and funny… I don’t find them blasphemous!

Now here’s another one and it’s a lot of fun: the Hipster Nativity Set!! It re-imagines the birth of Jesus “in the age of iPhones and man buns.”

Look closely, the stable has solar panels, the sheep is wearing a red Christmas sweater, and the cow is grazing on “gluten-free feed.”

Also, check this out. Joseph has a denim shirt and a man bun, He’s taking a selfie with the newborn King and Mary, who is drinking a Starbucks coffee and is making a duck face!!

The shepherd is a teen who is Snapping the event on his device. Ha!

Then there’s the Three Wise Men… hilariously delivering Amazon packages on their Segways!


Get the whole set for $109.99!

Oh yeah… about nativity scenes, I hear they are kind of a lie.

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  • Helen Gircko

    The old myth in new clothes, huh? Today gadgets are almost sacred and ritual things. So this is not blasphemy, it is the glorification of the sacred history, Pee-wee!
    P.S. Wise men are wonderful! It seems that they were came here at the light of photo bulb (instead of the Bethlehem star)
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Another beautiful blog Paul. Thank you for making my few days i have off from work (I resume work Monday morning) wonderful, your blogs always bring me joy! Have a happy day! ❤️

  • Malachi

    Love it!!

  • Alexis

    Where’s the La Croix? 🙄