You’ll need a hammer to open these ‘Smash and Grab’ gift card holders!!

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Make everyone on your holiday list WORK for their present this year with these “Smash and Grab” gift card holders!!

Inside of each “SMASH ME” brick is a REAL gift card! You have to hammer it open!!

They send along a hammer and goggles when you order one!

Check them out over at Man Crates. Prices start at $74.99 for a $50 gift card.


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  • Helen Gircko

    Perfect solution! Dust and noise are obviously important parts of the gift? (As for the hammer – it’s just diabolical courtesy on their part). Thank you, Pee-wee, this thing can claim the title of “packaging of the year.” Almost…

  • Wowzers Paul.. this blog is smashingly good.. thank you for making my break at work wonderful, may you have a beautiful day.❤️