Set your DVR! Mosaic, a murder mystery with Paul Reubens premieres 1/22 on HBO!!

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Hey, Heads up!

Paul Reubens is in Steven Soderbergh’s Mosaic which premieres on HBO on Monday, January 22nd on HBO (8 PM ET)!! 

In this murder mystery set in a Utah ski resort, he plays JC, Olivia Lake’s (Sharon Stone) close friend and trusted confidante.

Now there’s one cool thing you should know, it’s ALREADY available to watch on the special Mosaic app! It’s free to download for both Apple and Android phones. You can also watch it on TV (as mentioned) or experience it on your computer. Both the app and the computer experience give you an opportunity to “choose your own path.”  (Neat!)

Tomorrow I will share a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes photos!! For now, set your DVR OR start watching it right now on the app or your computer (no HBO subscription required for the last two)!!

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2 Responses to “Set your DVR! Mosaic, a murder mystery with Paul Reubens premieres 1/22 on HBO!!”

  1. laura valentina

    This is fantastic Paul! I’m very proud of you! I saw the trailer for this.. very unique indeed.. well since I don’t have HBO I’m not able to watch this, I know there’s a phone app for this.. don’t know if you still need hbo for it to work.. well I send you good energy and all the best in this new adventure. Have a wonderful week! ❤️

  2. Helen Gircko

    Uh, finally! In the past few months, I read almost all reviews. An interesting and unique project, and, as far as can be understood, great characters and a beautiful aesthetic solution. (And hairstyle is amazing!)
    It is a pity that – outside the US, – I don’t have an available app, and I will not be able to appreciate how the rizoma principle is embodied in this case. But I will try to see the TV version necessarily … by any means. Thanks for the info!

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