• Helen Gircko

    You are the best in the world, Pee-wee, and your blog is the best on the Internet (the harsh truth is the best compliment). And thank you for the best set of compliments! Have a great day!

  • Paul, your blogs have always made my day more beautiful.. I share with you my happiness as I had a wonderful day at work today I just got off of work now and resume Monday morning. YAY! I take this moment to say, to you, Paul, you are a beautiful soul. You have a special place within my ❤️.

  • Amanda Dushan

    Paul, your compliments filled my heart with joy! You’re such a sweet person!

  • zid

    Love you, Pee Wee. Always have. So glad to see you’ve been able to make a comeback. I hope you have lots of love, kindness and acceptance surrounding you. Thank you for all the years of entertainment and for all the smiles. <3