Snowball vending machine!!

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Brrrr….! It was below zero during Super Bowl weekend in Minneapolis!

That didn’t stop local ad agency space150 from hand-packing balls of real Minnesota snow and selling them through this vending machine! It cost visitors to the Twin Cities just $1 to get this chilly souvenir! According to Adweek, all proceeds went to Wilderness Inquiry, a nonprofit in Minnesota that gets city kids out in the great outdoors.

Fully stocked and ready for the weekend!

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Another satisfied customer!!

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The containers are see-through!


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Look at this, they rolled the snowballs and then let them dry in a shed…

Making a great snowball involves a lot of drying time.

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  • Amanda Dushan

    This is such a wonderful invention for a great cause! Thanks for sharing, Paul.
    I wish they had this type of vending machine when I was a kid.

  • Helen Gircko

    A mockery of the general principles of business? Ha … it is not a pity to give the money for such an idea (and to estimate in dollars the efforts that were needed to collect snow, make snowballs and create an automaton). Charmingly! It’s no worse than collecting tears in special bottles, like the Victorians did, or selling the blood of saints … But, of course, to sell snowballs in winter is funnier (I say this as a person living among the snowdrifts … oh, it seems I missed opportunity to get rich). Thank you very much for the information, Pee-wee!