You have to see this dinosaur animation a FIVE YEAR OLD wrote, drew, and narrated!!

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Five-year-old Nathan Mezquida is lucky. His dad Allen is an animator and brought his drawings to life in Dinosaur, a short that young Nathan also wrote and narrated! It’s really cool!

This is an animated dinosaur drama drawn and told by my four year old son. I was so inspired by his drawings, that I offered to animate them. Nathan spends hours drawing every day, mostly dinosaurs. He also loves watching BBC documentaries about dinosaurs. Next thing I knew, we were working on this short film together. Nathan was very clear about the story he wanted to tell and how he wanted it to look. He said he wanted it to be very real, “never cartoony.” I did my best to stay true to his vision.

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  • Helen Gircko

    Sumptuously! Impressive episode in which the Thyrex and Pterodactyl divide the neck of the Diplodocus… Werner Herzog can be proud of such followers.
    Thank you for sharing, Pee-wee! (Between us: I think that dinosaurs in reality looked exactly like this)

  • Pretty cool!!!