Get ‘retro-active’ with Schwinn’s snazzy Classic Cruiser!!!

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Check THIS out… Schwinn has made a retro-styled stationary (sorry, “indoor fitness”) bike!!

It’s called the Classic Cruiser and it’s Bluetooth enabled!!

The Schwinn Classic Cruiser is compatible with popular cycling apps such as RideSocial™, allowing you to ride along the sun-drenched beaches of Venice, tour the rustic beauty of Tibet, enjoy the lush countryside of Ireland, and more!


It’s kinda like this…

but for inside your home!!

Just watch out for THIS guy!!

  • Fabulous blog Paul! ? love this.

  • Amanda Dushan

    The Schwinn bike looks amazing! Though, your bike is cooler.

  • Helen Gircko

    The style of the bike (or simulator) determines the lifestyle …. A wonderful thing, a beautiful color, but I agree with the other commentators – nothing beats your bike, Pee-wee! Thanks for the info!