LOOK!! Dinosaur boots for grownups!!

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I know these look like these are for kids but they’re not! These dinosaur boots are made for grownups up to European size 43 (size 11.5 Women’s or size 1O Men’s).

They’re called “Steposaurus” and are made by shoe brand Irregular Choice. Save up your pennies because these cost 20,800 of them!

[They also have a version of these boots for kids!]

  • This is adorable Paul. Thank you for sharing as I’m at work now and it’s a wonderful rainy morning today..& I get out at 3pm. May you have a beautiful day! ?❤️????

  • Helen Gircko

    Well, at last something is created that is truly outstanding for adults! This ruthless beauty: now we can’t go along the street unnoticed … Thank you, Pee-wee, it’s impressive!

  • Wowzers Paul, I share with you my happiness.. my day at work was great it’s stormy here now, and because of weather conditions was told to clock out early.. may you have a wonderful day!