Look how the Japanese are polishing foil balls to make them super shiny!

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This is a fan’s foil ball… Thanks, Jamie Lee!

The latest trend in Japan is taking aluminum foil balls and pounding and polishing them until they look like super shiny THIS:

image via SKYtomo

It’s a lot of work but totally worth it! WATCH!!


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  • Helen Gircko

    There is no limit to perfection, especially when it comes to foil balls, and the Japanese culture is a continuous striving for perfection. I guess they admire polished ball becouse it look like full moon … Sorry, I already saw this clip, but thanks anyway, Pee-wее!

  • You know Paul I have heard of this kind of method regarding foil, interesting for sure. Thank you for aharing this marvelous wonder, reminds me of your show Playhouse, that I enjoy watching, especially today because it’s Saturday. May you have a beautiful day & weekend. ?????♥️❤️

  • After just now watching the video of this, foil being transformed into a silver shiny sphere, this also reminds me of one of my favorite film series, the 1979 film, Phantasm.. (starring Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man) these shiny silver spheres were used in the Phantasm series (there are 5 Phantasm films) thank you Paul for making my day Shinyer! (Shinier)