SNEAK PEEK: Cool new Pee-wee’s Playhouse toys for grown-ups!!

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I’m excited to announce that some new Playhouse toys for grown-ups are coming down the pipeline!

First off: There will be some 3.75″ action figures… which are not available to see just yet… but here’s their card art!!

I spy ME and Chairry!

Folks, you asked for it… Blind box toys are on their way!! These are the uncolored pre-production samples!! The real toys will be in COLOR, of course!!

Are you EXCITED as I am?!

Oh! Oh! Don’t forget that there will be new FUNKO POP figures of me, Miss Yvonne, and Chairry (with a tiny Pterri) hitting the market on May 25! Pre-order those now!

  • Helen Gircko

    I am in such indescribable excitement, what I can’t even describe it. And I am very happy about this care for adults, because the love to characters of “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” don’t have time and age limits.
    Really cool, Pee-wee, thank you so much for the information !!!

  • Thank you Paul, you’ve made me smile today as I read this wonderful blog! This is a new generation of PW collectibles. May you have a beautiful day! ???♥️??❤️

  • Julie English

    One year for Christmas, I gave Pee Wee Bobble heads to each household of my family…siblings, nieces, and nephews. Finally, a follow up option!