These SNEAKERS are made with recycled CHEWING GUM!!

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How many times have you STEPPED in an icky piece of chewing gum?? YUK! That’s no fun!

Well, what if I told you some folks in Amsterdam figured out how to make the SOLES of sneakers out of 100% recycled chewing GUM?! I KNOW… I could hardly believe it myself!!

They’re called Gumshoes and they’re available for preorder now!! (And not just in pink… black is available too!!)

Thanks, Victoria Taylor!

  • Helen Gircko

    The recycling process will be fully completed when these sneakers are recycled to the chewing gum again … Thanks, Pee-wee! (The news about the existence of the black version sounds as voice of reason).

  • Very interesting blog Paul! This is the first I’ve heard of this being made out of shoes.. very unique material to use for walking or running. I share with you my happiness, I had a wonderful day at work.. (now getting out at 4pm, Monday thru Wednesday.. and my favorite day is now Thursday’s as I will from now on get out every Thursday at Noon.. then resume work Monday) something to smile about.. may you have a wonderful day! ??♥️❤️???