What’s really inside of those Mexican jumping beans??!!

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Ever wondered what makes Mexican** jumping beans JUMP?! What’s really inside of these things anyway?! 

YouTube channel What’s Inside decided to find out! WATCH AND LEARN!!


**By the way, they are called “Mexican” because they are found in the mountains in the Mexican states of Sonora, Sinaloa, and Chihuahua.

  • Good morning Paul, I’m getting my work day started early today and wanted to take time to wish you a wonderful day! ? This is an interesting blog Paul.. thank you for sharing, as this is a bizarre mystery finally solved of these Mexican Jumping Beans..

  • Helen Gircko

    Oh, what a horror! The game hides the anguish of dehydrated larvae … although I think they make jump not only becouse temperature rise, but also becouse their own Latin names: “Laspeyresia saltitans” (beans) and “Cydia deshaisiana” (caterpillars). It sounds almost like a spell … Thanks for the valuable information, video and reason to read Wikipedia once again…

  • Candy T

    This is really interesting I didn’t know that Mexican Jumping Beans had worms in them. Thanks for sharing. Come to Detroit Comic Con 😉

  • JabbaTheCatt

    I had some Mexican jumping beans as a kid, eons ago. Kept them in a little clear plastic box. One day, after I’d had them some number of months, I saw a little moth flitting around inside the plastic box. I opened the box and it flew away. I examined the beans and found one had a small hole bored through it. That bean no longer jumped. I had solved the Mystery of the Mexican Jumping Beans!

    Hmmm, I see the “relevant” ads that appear on this page include “Van Camp’s Pork & Beans”. I guess the algorithm connects “Mexican jumping beans” to “pork and beans”. Which makes perfect sense to a computer.

  • JabbaTheCatt

    Ah, Pee-wee informs us that Mexican jumping beans come from Chihuahua. Which reminds me of another vital factoid: Do a Google image search on keywords “Chihuahua” and “muffin”, and you will find pictures that juxtapose the image of a Chihuahua (the dog, that is) against an ordinary blueberry muffin. The resemblance is uncanny! See for yourself!