Listen to this parrot say “Bacon Pancakes” over and over!

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Who knew parrots liked bacon pancakes?!

Do ALL parrots like bacon pancakes? I DON’T KNOW! But Milo the Quaker Parrot sure does.

via Neatorama

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  • This is a wonderful blog Paul. Very unique indeed.. I was thinking of when I read about the bacon pancakes, as they may be salty, in flavor not brine, or extreme salt, just enough bacon flavor to want more? Maybe? It reminds me of well, everyone has their favorite tastes especially animals, say for example, you enjoy flavors that are sweet much like sugar or fruits like strawberries or peaches.. well.. this beautiful parrot enjoys the salty flavor of bacon pancakes.. I say we all have unique tastes in flavors we enjoy, that’s what makes this universe an amazing place.. have a great day, Paul.

  • Helen Gircko

    I also don’t know, but as soon as I meet a parrot, I’ll ask him. To be honest, dubiously this parrot really likes bacon pancakes very much, but he definitely he likes to talk. And I can listen to it endlessly. Thank you, Pee-wee!