Happy Beautician’s Day!!

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Your hair looks great. Tell your beautician they’re doing a great job!

And thanks to the Freewheelin’ Hair Mobile Salon for making me look AMAZING with my HELICOPTER HAIR!

image via Darryl Stephens

  • Helen Gircko

    Thank you, today I will strangle my stylist in hugs. He’s actually a very cool master, but that does not stop me from to envy to results of the work of your stylists, Pee-wee! (Or I just have a penchant for small aviation since childhood ?…)

  • Indeed beauticians make us feel special & very good and the result is when we leave that appointment and you get compliments from strangers saying you look beautiful or fantastic or even you look great.. I always tell the beautician thank you for doing amazing & lovely work in making me feel & look my best.. this is a wonderful tribute to every beautician out there.. thank you Paul for sharing this.. may you have a beautiful day! ?♥️?❤️???