Watch this home video from 1988 of a little girl opening Pee-wee toys for her birthday!!

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For this Throwback Thursday, I want to share an adorable video sent in by a fan of mine, Tina Ward. It’s of her as a little girl opening up some very special Pee-wee gifts for her third birthday in 1988!!

She writes, “This home video was taken December 1988 at my 3rd Birthday and I flip out receiving my first little Pee-wee Herman doll and baby Chairry!!!”

Did you catch the parts where she does my Big Shoe Dance?! So cute! Love this! Thanks, Tina!!

  • This is a great tribute to all beloved details of the joy you bring to all who you’ve taught good things in life, (manners) or fire safety (fire alarm in the playhouse) or any other detail that you brought to our awareness in our lives as we watch on Saturday mornings, also your films PWBA & big top PW.. and PWBH.. (for the new generation) I say on behalf of myself & countless others, Thank you for being you! You’ve have & always will brighten mine & many others day. May you have a wonderful day Paul!

  • Helen Gircko

    Bravo! Now I can say that I have seen true joy! It’s wonderful, and the dance was absolutely charming! Thanks for sharing, Pee-wee!

  • MilliganX

    Super cute video! Her scream when she sees what she got is too funny!