LOOK at this cartoonish roller coaster footage from a GoPro!

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Jeb Corliss took his GoPro on a roller coaster and took this REALLY TRIPPY footage. 

Doesn’t it kind of looks like a cartoon?

I love when the lady says “My contacts are gonna come out of my eyeballs…!” 

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  • This is indeed trippy.. this reminds me of a carnival ride I was on called the Zipper.. since it was in the evening I wasn’t able to see it in it’s full strangeness (Yikes) and no one told me that this ride made you feel as you were going to literally fall out of it on to the ground.. I rode it and will not ever again because I saw my life flash before my eyes.. it was that death defying..

    Paul, To show you this carnival ride.. I rode that night.. I found 2 YouTube videos one is someone’s POV point of view of their experience which was the closest to my experience I had riding the Zipper.. the other is a full view of the ride the Zipper.. thank you for this blog as always I enjoy reading your wonderful blogs have a great day!




  • Helen Gircko

    Well, lady is very accurately determined the impression … not only the contacts come out of the eyeballs, but eyeballs come out of the orbits. Now we know that the cartoons characters feel … Thank you for sharing, Pee-wee!