A tin foil hat for YOU and YOUR CAT!

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Archie McPhee makes these tin foil hats…

There’s one for you and one for your cat!

You can buy them here!

  • An adorable blog Paul, love this. In dedication to cat lovers & their cats. Have a beautiful day. ??♥️?❤️??

  • Draculasaurus

    Pee-Wee, I’ve looked into it and concluded that foil hats are extremely hot. Your head is just like a pot roast in there. I’d rather just have aliens or the government messing with my brain.


    Oh! I need some of these for my Facebook friends!!!

  • Helen Gircko

    It’s very cool, and I’m glad that Archie McPhee (I adore their ideas) takes such tender care of the cats. But, sorry, this is not for my cat … he likes to receive signals and radiation – this is the basis of his life.