This Chihuahua had a quinceañera!!!

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Now, this is a PAWsome way to celebrate a dog’s birthday!!

Lupita Conchita, a 2-year-old Chihuahua living in Texas, recently had a lavish quinceañera in her honor!

Now, in Mexican culture, quinceañeras are parties held for when a girl turns 15, but Lupita’s owner Miranda Sanchez told TODAY, “I figured that she’s almost 15 in dog years. I had seen dog quinceañeras before and I thought they were so cute, plus, Lupita is a Mexican dog so I thought, ‘How cute!'”

According to WebMD, Lupita is more like 24 years old! But never mind that, let’s let this adorable cutie enjoy her day in the spotlight!

  • Wowzers Paul this is a wonderful tribute to this beautiful dog.. I love this & I enjoyed reading this as well. May you have an amazing day! ?♥️??❤️??

  • Helen Gircko

    Okay, true age is not that important … She’s definitely in the prime of life and beauty! Cute idea!