Animal crackers now roam free!!

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Check this out, the animals on the Barnum’s Animals Crackers box are no longer in cages!!

Animal rights organization PETA wrote a letter to Nabisco’s parent company asking them to redesign the packaging to show the animals roaming free, and they did! 

Here’s what the old packaging looked like:

via Boing Boing

  • This blog is amazing Paul.. I read the story regarding this blog.. it’s interesting and even though these are only animal Crackers they are just animal Crackers.. I understand Peta, their reasoning behind this but these are just animal Crackers.. this wonderful blog also reminds me of your 1988 film Big Top Pee-wee.. a wonderful film indeed.. may you have a great day!

  • Helen Gircko

    Freedom on the packaging? Okay, in this case the idea is more important than the tradition…